MoreWithUs Social Giving (Spring 2022)

MoreWithUs — Everyday Jobs is giving $100 prizes to organizations and social causes; and a $500 grand prize to one of the organizations/causes.

We are doing this to to give back and connect with people looking for part-time and/or entry level jobs, especially students.

Which Organizations and Causes are Qualified?

  • Any social organization is qualified, such as school clubs, PTOs, religious groups, community organizations.
  • Any social cause is qualified, such as A-Go-Fund-Me to help someone.
  • Any person can enter in support of any social organization or cause (you will be the contact person).

How to Win the $100 Prizes?

  • Get 15 people to create a jobseeker profile at
  • Ask each person to fill out the Google form so that we can keep a count of the people supporting your organization/cause.
  • Once you get 15 people, we will contact you and send the $100 prize.

How to Win the $500 Grand Prize?

  • Any organization/cause that gets 30 jobseeker profiles at will be entered for the grand prize.
  • Gain an additional entry for every additional 10 jobseeker profiles (e.g. if you get 40 profiles, you will gain two entries).
  • Winner will be selected on based on a random draw on June 3, 2022

Entry Dates

  • February 15 to May 31
  • Winner announced on June 3, 2022

Past Winner of the MoreWithUs Social Giving

The winner of the #MoreWithUs Social Giving is Eclipse at Penn State Univ. They raised money for THON in support of children with cancer. Check out Eclipse: Thanks to Kaylee Montanari for leading the effort.

Fill Out the Google Form After you Create Your Profile at



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