MoreWithUs — Everyday Jobs is giving $100 prizes to organizations and social causes; and a $500 grand prize to one of the organizations/causes.

We are doing this to to give back and connect with people looking for part-time and/or entry level jobs, especially students.

Which Organizations and Causes are Qualified?

  • Any social organization is qualified, such as school clubs, PTOs, religious groups, community organizations.
  • Any social cause is qualified, such as A-Go-Fund-Me to help someone.
  • Any person can enter in support of any social organization or cause (you will be the contact person).

How to Win the $100 Prizes?

  • Get…

About the Project

MoreWithUs presents the Youth Work Ethics & Soft Skills Project. Our goal for this project is to connect with the upcoming generation of business owners, leaders, managers, etc. and inform them of different job opportunities and how they can prepare right now! We think that young people need to hear about your experience with jobs and your career path. They would learn from your insights, challenges and successes to become better people. Would you like to be interviewed and featured? Contact us: Check us out at

MoreWithUs - Everyday Jobs

Need a job or want to hire? At we connect #jobseekers looking for their first or second job with local #employers near them. FREE, FAST & EASY.

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